Here I talked about the prepaid cards which can be used to receive direct deposit, Below is the list if you have forgotten

Examples of Prepaid cards which can be loaded with Direct deposit

1• GoBank card

2• Bluebird card

3• Greendot card

4• Walmart money card

5• Accountnow card

6• MyVanilla prepaid card

7• Chime Card

8• Payoneer card

9• Movocash Card

10• Netspend Card

11• Other African prepaid cards

11• Other country prepaid cards


Now it easy for client to get all these prepaid cards in store like Walmart, and don’t get scared about prepaid charging back or client getting fucked..

Or any good and reliable drops to receive funds

Prepaid cards don’t affect the credit score of client so anything u do, provided u don’t load above $100k, it won’t be traced back to client so it 💯 safe

If you don’t have a bluebird card or Netspend card or other cards, and u want to order it online for free, then follow the step-by-step method below to Create a prepaid card online Instantly

After you’ve logged in bank logs you will only need account number and routine number to receive deposited funds and that’s very easy.

1• First Option : Cashout to bank.. Add bank info and withdraw money straight to bank

2• Second Option : you can send money directly to email so you deposit into account

3• Third Option Or you can just activate the debit card attached and ask client to walk to Atm to withdraw…. Example of working on MOVO.

There are other options like using it to buy btc or sending money to PayPal but I haven’t tried this ones before so can’t add, I only write tut on stuffs have tried before, so maybe if I try this btc option and it works then I add it

Daily limit to load this card is $5000 per Day, it small money buy atleast it worth the hustle, bluebird and some other cards can even be loaded with $20k per day 🤷🏾‍♂️


1• First of all buy bank logs with email access ( I said email access Cos u will need code send to even before u can even login it)

2• Once you login, look on your top right , click on profiles

3• Change the phone number there to your own personal phone number which must be a USA number (YOU can even change it to your client phone number )

4• Now they will send verification code to the email attached on the phone number change, just login the email and get the code sent there

5• Now that phone number there is your own number , you have done more than 80% of the job

6• Move over to payment (you will see it on the transfer tab on the top there )

7• Click on wire transfers / locate direct deposit etc ..

8• they will ask for the receiving info, ( the name, address, account number and routine number of the account receiving the money)

9• Input the amount u want to send ($25k limit for new account and if it an old account receiving the money you send above $50k)

10• They will send a wire verification code to the phone number attached (this is why I made u change the phone number to urs, it Cos of this stage )

11• After this , the money will be sent Instantly ‼ and you will receive the wire money

Tele : smtechubpro

• Wire doesn’t charge back so u are in luck
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